Monday, November 19, 2012

The Vampire Diaries: Salvatore Brothers’ Vintage Room

The Vampire Diaries: Salvatore Brothers’ Vintage Room

From 1850s to the present, Salvatore brothers, Demon and Stefan, have lived for more than 150 years. Time flies, but history never been seen in their faces, and the same in their privacy living environment.
They still favor the 1860s style, the buildings, the decor and the accessories in the house.

Rustic wood-beamed ceiling, deep dust-colored walls, bare concrete floors and old time accents makes the Salvatore brothers’ house much more 1860s style. What’s more, a slew of books and antiques of the ancient times put on the old wooden shelves, adds a bit literary to the whole décor.

The retro rooms exhibit some sort of vintage character or “age” to them and take a spirit color. The looks are exactly the same as the rooms when they were human. Thereby it can be concluded that vampires still hold the milk of human kindness.

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