Monday, October 22, 2012


vintage ball from the vampire diaries

VAMPIRE DIARIES! VAMPIRE DIARIES! Finally you are coming, my first love. I’ve looked forward to for a long long time. Of course, I’ve watched all the new episodes at the first time. I am an honest vampire follower, and are you a crazy vampire fan too?
Then come with me, here is the most beautiful things of VAMPIRE DIARIES.

Returning for its fourth season, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES sets off another new upsurge. And the ball in the latest episodes brings new inspirations for fashion trends. Let’s work together and look back to figure out all the vintage balls they ever hold.

Many balls have been given in the past seasons, from 20s to 60s, from official to private. There were floral frocks, feathers and fun; there were retro-style sites, old-fashioned props, traditional food, vintage band and old ways of make-up. As the moon rise to the strains of 20s music, the time is really terrific. And it would have been crazy if I were one of the party-goers.

I have decided to hold such a vintage ball months of Sundays, and these balls help me a lot. So if you are trying to find something vintage for the party or just fond of all about VAMPIRE DIARIES, this part is good for you. Welcome all the constructive suggestion. 

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